Port of Wilmington's 2013
TIGER 5 Grant Application

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A. Project Information:

bullet A1. Figure 1 Site location (map)
bullet A2. Figure 2 Aerial view (map)
bullet A3. Figure 3 Enlarged site plan (drawing)
bullet A4. Figure 4 Dock section (drawing)
bullet A5. Department of the Army Corps of Engineers Permit (document)
bullet A6. Figure 6 DNREC Permit (document)
bullet A7. 1974 Survey document (document)
bullet A8. 2000 Survey document (document)
bullet A9. 2006 Survey document (document)
bullet A10.2011 Survey (document)
bullet A11.Project Information


B. Letters of Support:

bullet B1. State of Delaware Congressional Delegation and Governor of Delaware letter
bullet B2. Cabinet Secretary, Delaware Economic Development Office, DE letter
bullet B3. Cabinet Secretary, Delaware Department of Transportation letter
bullet B4. County Executive, New Castle County, DE letter
bullet B5. Mayor, City of Wilmington, DE letter
bullet B6. New Castle County Chamber of Commerce letter
bullet B7. Delaware State Chamber of Commerce letter
bullet B8. Maritime Exchange for the Delaware River and Bay (Maritime Organization) letter
bullet B9. American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) (Maritime Organization) letter
bullet B10. International Longshoremen’s Association, Local 1694 (Labor Union) letter
bullet B11. International Longshoremen’s Association, Local 1694-1 (Labor Union) letter
bullet B12. Teamster’s Local 326 (Labor Union) letter
bullet B13. Dole Fresh Fruit Company (Major customer) letter
bullet B14. Chiquita Fresh North America (Major customer) - expected
bullet B15. Port Contractors, Inc. (Major customer) letter
bullet B16. Murphy Marine Services (Stevedores)
bullet B17. Delaware River Stevedores, Inc. (Stevedores) letter
bullet B18. ArgenFrut (Major Customer) letter
bullet B19. Jac Vandenberg (Major Customer) letter
bullet B20. Dominion Citrus (Major Customer) letter
bullet B21. AutoPort (Major Customer) letter
bullet B22. Oppenheimer (Major Customer) letter
bullet B23. Pacific Seaways (Major Customer)
bullet B24. Wilmington Area Planning Council (WILMAPCO) (Regional Transportation letter (Agency for Cecil County, Maryland and New Castle County, Delaware)

C. Economic Impact and Benefit-Cost Analyses:

bullet C1. Economic Impact Analysis (Martin Associates) document
bullet C2. Benefit-Cost Analysis document
bullet C3. Construction jobs report (Martin Associates) document
bullet C4. Capital Budget

D. Additional Background Documents and Analysis:

bullet D1. State of Delaware Title 29 Chapter 87 Diamond State Port   Corporation website
bullet D2. Transportation view of DSPC map
bullet D3. DSPC Fiscal Year 2012 audited annual tonnage document
bullet D4. Certification of Compliance with Chapter 31 of Title 40 document
bullet D5. Diamond State Port Corporation website
bullet D6. DSPC #1 US Banana Port document
bullet D7. Certificate of commitment of matching DSPC funds
bullet D8. Deteriorated Facia (photo)
bullet D9. Exposed rebar (photo)
bullet D10. Missing timber pile (photo)
bullet D11. Port infrastructure map

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