Press Release -  4.24.2012

REpower Selects the Port of Wilmington, Delaware as
a Mid-Atlantic Gateway & Distribution Center

(Wilmington, Del) --- The Diamond State Port Corporation (DSPC) welcomed the first shipment of wind turbine blades manufactured by REpower Systems SE (REpower) with the arrival of m/v Star Hansa at the Port of Wilmington, Delaware on Monday, April 23. REpower, a Suzlon group company, ranks as the world’s fifth largest wind turbine manufacturing group specializing in both onshore and offshore wind turbines.

The Port of Wilmington, Delaware has been handling progressively more complex windpower projects since 2001. The m/v Star Hansa discharged 45 REpower wind turbine blades each of which were over 147’ long and are destined for one of the largest wind projects in Pennsylvania, the Twin Ridges Wind Farm in Somerset County. When construction is completed, the Twin Ridges Wind Farm will consist of 68 MM92 turbines, REpower’s best selling wind-turbine model. This sophisticated wind turbine’s wingspan is over 303' and the MM92 is capable of generating 2.05 megawatts of power even at a wind speed of only 27.96 miles per hour. It is ideal for locations with medium or weak wind!


“We welcome REpower to the Port of Wilmington, Delaware and are extremely honored to be selected as its supply chain partner for the discharge, storage and delivery of its wind turbine blades to the Twin Ridges Wind Farm,” said Gene Bailey, DSPC executive director. “The Port of Wilmington is a perfect fit for windpower cargo! Delaware boasts a strategic mid-Atlantic location; excellent rail and highway connectivity; ample berth and storage space as well as modern heavy lift equipment.  Most importantly, our greatest asset is our skilled, experienced and highly productive workforce. They facilitate the safe and timely delivery of this delicate and high value project cargo to its destination. Furthermore, Delaware’s unique collaboration between the State’s Departments of Transportation and Public Safety and Homeland Security ensures the timely and cost effective truck permitting and police escort services for quick and unimpeded movement through Delaware to the construction site,” Bailey added.

About the Port of Wilmington, Delaware
Founded in 1923, the Port of Wilmington is a full service mid-Atlantic seaport on the Delaware River strategically located and serving over 200 million North American consumers by overnight truck and rail delivery. Wilmington, Delaware is a niche port and distribution center for high-value and delivery sensitive shipments including perishables, automobiles, windpower, project cargo and livestock. An economic engine for the State of Delaware and the region, it is responsible for 4,300 good paying local jobs, $337 million in annual business revenue, and more than $31 million in annual state and local taxes. The Port is owned and operated by the Diamond State Port Corporation, a corporation of the State of Delaware.