Dole Ocean Cargo Express

Dole Ocean Cargo Express serves Dole Fresh Fruit Company, the world’s largest supplier of fresh fruit. Dole Fresh Fruit, a Port tenant, has been shipping fruit via the Port of Wilmington since 1982.

Dole's two containerized refrigerated vessels, the M/V Dole Chile and M/V Dole Colombia, call the Port of Wilmington to support the weekly ship calls from Central America to Wilmington. With carrying capacity of 1,000 refrigerated containers each, they discharge tropical fruit imports in Wilmington and load exports of local produce, forest products, previously owned vehicles, and various general cargo to Central America.


In their weekly voyage, Dole's vessels make calls in Santa Marta, Colombia, Puerto Limón, Costa Rica, Puerto Castilla, Honduras and Port Everglades, Florida.

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