Steel is an important import and export commodity for the Port of Wilmington, a proud member of the AIIS.  As the first inbound deep water port on the Delaware River, we are an ideal “load center” for steel carriers arriving from Europe, South America, and the Far East.  The Port of Wilmington comprises 308-acres, with close to 4,000-foot marginal wharf and 38-foot MLW water depth. This facility provides excellent accommodations for deep draught vessels specializing in the transport of steel cargoes.

Local stevedores provide modern handling equipment, while shipside dry cargo warehouses and outside storage with direct rail sidings are available within the Port or  through outside specialty handlers.


Our strategic location and excellent rail and road facilities make us an ideal distribution hub for steel cargos. Our staff's steel handling experience includes: slabs, beams, cold and hot rolled coils, wire road, rebar, profiles, and billets. 

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