Forest Products

Since wood pulp bound for Maryland paper mills was the first cargo to arrive at the Port in 1923, forest Products have been a mainstay cargo at the Port.  Today, we serve as an important port and distribution hub for exports of kraft linerboard and newsprint to Central America. 

Shippers through the Port of Wilmington take advantage of our mid-Atlantic location with overnight access to one third of U.S. and Canada's markets; excellent facilities for deep draught bulk vessels specializing in the transport of forest products; two state-of-the-art dry warehouses with rail sidings; and mostly, our productive and skilful workforce that can seamlessly handle the various cargoes. 

As a growing distribution center for forest products, the Port is utilizing a forest product industry specific logistics software package known as Papinet. This software enhances inventory management capabilities for forest-products and improves coordination of the customer's marketing and sales efforts.  

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For more information contact John Haroldson, Manager, International Trade at 302-472-7822 or

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