Contact DSPC Administrative Staff 

Executive Director's Office

Gene Bailey, Executive Director,
Tel: 302.472.7800 Fax: 302-472.7840,

Marketing and Trade Development

John Haroldson, Marketing Director
Tel: 302.472.7822, Fax:302.472.7824


Debra Thompson, Manager Marketing Services
Tel: 302.472.7802, Fax: 302.472.7824


Port Operations

Frank Vignuli, Director of Operations
Tel: 302.472.7695, Fax: 302.472.7824,


Bill Stansbury, Manager Terminal Services
Tel: 302.472.7694, Fax: 302.472.7824,


Don Donofrio, Warehouse Manager
Tel: 302.472.7697,
Fax: 302.472.7824,

Inventory Information, Delivery Status, and Special Services

Marty McLaughlin, Inventory Control Manager
Tel: 302.472.7703, Fax: 302.472.7824,

All Cargoes and General Questions

Lisa Treut, Operations Office Manager
Tel: 302.472.7729, Fax: 302.472.7742,

Juice Concentrate Imports

Lisa Johnson, Inventory Control Specialist
Tel: 302.472.7727, Fax: 302.472.7742,

Steel Cargo

Monique Slowe, Inventory Control Specialist
Tel: 302.472.7725, Fax: 302.472.7742,


Michele “Mickey” Landis, Operations Claims Administrator
Tel: 302.472.7710, Fax: 302.472.7742, 

Accounting, Invoicing and Finance

Parul Shukla, Director, Finance & Administration
Tel: 302.472.7806, Fax: 302.472.7840,

Victor F. Farkas, Controller, 
Tel: 302.472.7811, Fax: 302.472.7732,

Linda Mizikar, Billing Supervisor
Tel: 302.472.7720, Fax: 302.472.7732,

Information Technology Services

Inigo Thomas, Director of Technology Solutions
Tel: 302.472.7846,

Human Resources, Security and Traffic Control

Sylvia Floyd-Kennard, Director of Human Resources,
Tel: 302.472.7685, Fax: 302.472.7745, 

Jerry Custis, Security Manager
Tel: 302.472.7817, Fax: 302.472.7745,

Mark Wayman, Manager, Safety and Training
Tel: 302.472.7681, Fax: 302.472.7851,

Andy Markow, Manager, Labor Relations & Hiring
Tel: 302.472.7684, Fax: 302.472.7745,

Port Facilities, Planning and Development

Randy Horne, Director of Engineering & Maintenance
Tel: 302.472.7827, Fax: 302.472.7840,

Dan Myslinski, Port Engineer
Tel: 302.472.7830, Fax: 302.472.7840,

David Krygier, Project Engineer
Tel: 302.472.7831, Fax: 302.472.7840, d

Kysa Skinner, Crane Supervisor
Tel: 302.777.6701, Fax: 302.472.7840,

Port Gatehouse

Tel: 302.472.7864, Fax: 302.472.7862

Port of Wilmington Administration Building

 Phone: (302) 472-PORT  Fax: (302) 472-7740 

1 Hausel Road, Wilmington, DE 19801-5852